SERIES : 1800


  • Latest Technology, Microcontroller based.
  • Masterless 4-channel Plugin cards.
  • LED windows with computer composed legends on photofilm.
  • Works on any volts AC or DC. Plug-in type SMPS module.
  • Jumper selectable alarm sequences, separately for every card.
  • NO/NC input selectable by DIP switches on every card
  • First - out group expansion
  • Auxillary tripping contact
  • Automatic sound cancellation

By adopting modular design combined with latest Microcontroller technology, 'Digilarm Series 1800' provides more features than any other system available. High noise immunity is provided at very low logic/LED power, hence ideally suited for all industrial environments. 4-Annunciation channels are mounted on one sequence card module for compactness and cost reduction.

Input derived from 'dry' field contacts, the system is supplied either in Integral on Split architecture. The visual displays are available in any Rows x Column configuration of 6 or more windows. The integral unit and the windows cabinet in case of Split system are flush panel mounting type. Audible alarm device (Hooter/buzzer etc.) and Push Buttons are generally supplied 'loose' for separate mounting but can be provided on front of the Annunciation unit itself, if so required by the customer.

Unsurpassed versatility of the 'Series - 1800' system permits field alteration of virtually every major aspect of Annunciators operation - Working voltage, NO/NC input Alarm Sequence, First-out groups, etc.

Use of micro controller has greatly reduced the number of components, thereby enhancing reliability. No maintenance required. Not even lamps, Long life, super bright LED's have been used. No parts that could call for replacements.

Model : 1604/1606/1608/1612


  • Latest Technology, Microcontroller based
  • LED Windows Works on any volts AC or DC
  • DIP switch selectable Alarm Sequences
  • NO/NC input selectable by DIP switches
  • Low cost
  • Small in size & weight


  • Alarm Hooter driving contact
  • Ring back Hooter driving Contact
  • Auxillary/Tripping Contact
  • First-out group expansion
  • Flasher Synchronisation
  • Automatic Sound Cancellation
  • Built-in Push buttons with facility to connect Remote also.

16XX represents more than a premier use of Microcontroller based Logic in a general purpose Annuciator. It has some uncanny versatillity. Virtually every major aspect of the annunciators operation can be altered in the field with nothing more than the flip of a dip switch. 16XX is functional & cost efficient for the routine monitoring of a few  points as it is for sophisticated multi-sequence applications.

Model                 Over all size                 Cut-out size
1604                        96    96 mm                92   92 mm
1606                     192    96 mm              186    92 mm
1608                     198    96 mm              186    92 mm
1612                     192 126 mm               186 120 mm