Model : DIGISCAN 3116-M


Digicont make Digital Temperature Scanner, "Digiscan" Model : 3116-M is microprocessor based instrument and is a result of continuous development in the field of Instrumentation Technology. It has been designed keeping reliability, good appearence and easy maintenance in view. Well planned layout with plug-in type modular construction of PCB's reduces down-time.

"3116-M" is meant to Scan, Monitor and Control upto maximum 16-inputs Both, 'Auto' or 'Manual' channel selection facility is available. The channel inputs can be from RTD's or or Thermocouples. However, single type of sensors must be connected to all input. Bright, 7-segment LED displays give distant visibility of Temperature Reading and Channel number Alarm/Trip indications are indicated by LED lamps for each channel separately.

Temperature is monitored with grouped relay outputs associated with individual LED indication. Setting can be adjusted independently over full span, for each channel. System is also available with single Set-point & Control OR without any Set-point & control.

Front panel Keyboard provides 'user friendly' operation and programming facility with easily understood displayed prompts. A 'Memory Lock' switch has been provided at the rear so that unauthorised tempering with the set-points is avoided. Applications include-Motor Winding and Bearing Temperature Monitoring, Furnace Temperature Measurements etc.