• Based on CMOS IC Technology
  • High Repeat Accuracy
  • Exceptionally Reliable & Rugged
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Available in 4 - timing modes
  • Timing Range available from Sec. to Hrs & days.
  • Rugged terminals & screws with high quality plating and grip washer

APPLICATION : 'Digidelay' Series 2400/2000D Timers are suitable in applications involving reliable and accurate timing such as in Batch process, Process Control Instrumentation, Motor Controls, Sequence & Interlock schemes, Moulding & Welding Machines, Machinetools, Photographic and X-Ray equipment etc.

DESCRIPTION : Circuit scheme adopts technique of CMOS IC based clock generation and counter. Two LED indicators are provided on front face. One, to show 'Power on' and the other, to show status of timer output Relay. A knob is provided to preset the time with continuous setting.


Operating voltage : 110V AC / 220V AC / 24V DC

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Repeat Accuracy : +/-1%
Setting Accuracy : +/-10%; setting range, 1 to 10, continuous, with a multiplication factor.
Reset Time : Almost Nil.
Contact outputs : 2 - changeover Rating - 6A, 250V AC (Resistive) (1 - changeover in case of Models 242X-P/F)
Insulation : Between power or output contacts & Body - 1.5 KV.
Ambient Temp. : Upto 55 Deg. Cent.
Humidity : Upto Rh 80%
  1. On-delay  : The output relay operates after the set delay from the instant the input contact is closed.
  2. Off-delay  : The output relay de-operates after the set delay from the instant the input contact is opened.
  3. Monoshot : The output relay operates as soon as the input contact is closed and de-operates automatically after set time.
  4. On-Off      : The output relay operates and de-operates with the set period. The on-off ratio shall be equal. The on/off time is set with single knob